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The Truth About my Son

Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
Livestream link (April 30th- MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)-
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  1. Mark Rober

    Mark Rober

    Prieš mėn

    If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

    • 42mavsbball


      Prieš 6 dienų

      Heart warming Mrs mark rober, your son is a very happy kid and I hope it stays that way. Also you should make the envelopes merch and donate the money to color the spectrum

    • Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee

      Sugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee

      Prieš 10 dienų

      bye 👋

    • Emtube


      Prieš 11 dienų

      i know mine is not as bad as you really sweet son but i have dyslexia and get made fun of for it and i have depression and anxiety and i love your son that he gose through that and it makes my day to see that he can make it through that and if he can go through that than i can to. Yall macke my dad

    • Not Yours

      Not Yours

      Prieš 20 dienų

      Most wholesome video ever. Even Mark himself started to get sad and studder.

    • Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends

      Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends

      Prieš 22 dienas

      I actually didn’t even notice. I thought it was just a different haircut 💇🏻‍♂️

  2. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    Prieš 5 val

    This is a beautiful way to look at this “disability” and I believe mark’s son is an amazing child that will succeed in every way possible.

    • Ptao Tom

      Ptao Tom

      Prieš 5 val

      This is the best video I’ve seen from you! Made me cry. fully support and love ❤️❤️

  3. the wolf studio

    the wolf studio

    Prieš 5 val

    Ya' know, I was in a special needs class myself. Granted, I didn't really need it myself and it crippled my ability to learn in the typical way, but I met a lot of really interesting kids and it always kinda seemed like other's didn't understand them. While I myself am not autistic in any way, I do have a similar experience by having sensory overload rather regularly. Luckily, for me, I am able to drown out the noise and focus on particular senses or sensory things like a voice in a crowd. One thing I will say for sure though is that I never really socialized well with other kids when I was in school and those kids who were on the spectrum were an absolute delight to be around, even when I didn't understand their situation fully myself (Well, to the degree I do now.) This is rather intriguing to hear about.

  4. Sam Grandberry

    Sam Grandberry

    Prieš 6 val

    I loved this sooo much

  5. Str1ng5


    Prieš 6 val


  6. Str1ng5


    Prieš 6 val

    this video is beautiful...

  7. Gabriela Acosta

    Gabriela Acosta

    Prieš 8 val


  8. Ghost


    Prieš 8 val

    I was about to cry of happy ness

  9. EMBL2011


    Prieš 9 val

    I loved this video! My son is special needs and also laughs til he can hardly breathe, and often can barely stand when he's laughing so hard. He's got the happiest most contagious laugh, as it looks like your son does as well. I loved seeing his genuine pure joy and happiness.



    Prieš 9 val

    I um donated 10,000 dollars 10K

  11. __


    Prieš 9 val

    7:40 when he started to break down, I literally did too. I never cry, but this hit home for me as I too have a son with autism. His words are so wise and magnanimous. I have so much respect for you Mark.

  12. Debbie Dupin

    Debbie Dupin

    Prieš 10 val

    I sorry

  13. Jake Gameroff

    Jake Gameroff

    Prieš 11 val

    such an inspiration❤️❤️❤️

  14. Ryan Christman

    Ryan Christman

    Prieš 11 val

    I’m high function autistic and you described it just like I would

  15. Rick Miller

    Rick Miller

    Prieš 11 val

    Dude - I just "discovered" you and binge-watched a half dozen of your videos, and thought you were amazing. Then this. Confirmed!

  16. Soulero


    Prieš 12 val

    I love your son!!!!

  17. princessrobo 1

    princessrobo 1

    Prieš 12 val

    My little brothers have autism

  18. Austen Gardner

    Austen Gardner

    Prieš 13 val

    I hate how much miss information is spread about autism how people think everyone with autism is unable to speak and preform basic life skills

  19. conner t

    conner t

    Prieš 13 val

    This is the best video I’ve seen from you! Made me cry. fully support and love ❤️❤️

  20. Palin Archer

    Palin Archer

    Prieš 14 val

    Mark son is just like all of us he just had a disability

  21. BearGoon _

    BearGoon _

    Prieš 14 val

    This is making me cry...

  22. noah speanburg

    noah speanburg

    Prieš 15 val

    it made me smile seeing your son at the birthday party's and seeing him laughing at your jokes was cute

  23. James Harris

    James Harris

    Prieš 15 val

    Thank you

  24. The Dragon

    The Dragon

    Prieš 16 val

    That is a so nice Video I love it .😊😍😍

  25. Oak Twig

    Oak Twig

    Prieš 16 val

    3:28 I think you explained that perfectly, like woah, I don’t think I’ve feel that seen recently People need to realise that neurodivergents are people too.

  26. Henry V

    Henry V

    Prieš 17 val

  27. Bina Bean

    Bina Bean

    Prieš 17 val

    I have someone I go to high school with who is autistic and he can also tell you the day the week if you give him any random date, he is literally the coolest person I’ve ever talked to. I wish other people thought that too, cause he gets bullied for stuttering or even just asking questions.

  28. Ascertivus


    Prieš 17 val

    6:49 What a kind and beautiful thing to do for someone.

  29. rodrigo sequeira

    rodrigo sequeira

    Prieš 17 val

    My son is autistic he knows every capital of any country and every main bridge of the World but doesnt know how to react to strangers and he's 8 and that worries me. But he is the 90% of all I care about. He is the only person I truly love.

  30. Preston The big dog

    Preston The big dog

    Prieš 18 val

    I feel bad

  31. edgy spider

    edgy spider

    Prieš 19 val

    thank you for talking about your son and also about people with learning disabilities i have asd and i know what its like thanks so much for saying this.

  32. H Begum

    H Begum

    Prieš 19 val

    He is an amazing beautiful kids

  33. MikesMiniBikes


    Prieš 19 val

    Made a donation today, thanks for using your platform to help others

  34. Jack Mihof

    Jack Mihof

    Prieš 19 val

    Can’t stop crying. Sir you are amazing

  35. Jack Mihof

    Jack Mihof

    Prieš 19 val

    You might be the most amazing person of our generation

  36. Rocco Galimberti

    Rocco Galimberti

    Prieš 20 val

    hes so cute

  37. Ghostflameninja Ninja

    Ghostflameninja Ninja

    Prieš 20 val

    My sister is autistic

  38. Avery Atkinson

    Avery Atkinson

    Prieš 21 val


  39. Alison Hirrell

    Alison Hirrell

    Prieš 21 val

    I don’t have autism but I have adhd

  40. Boys Baranski

    Boys Baranski

    Prieš 21 val

    Who knows he can be the first person on mars

  41. Jennifer Howell

    Jennifer Howell

    Prieš 22 val

    This is the best thing I have ever seen on LTwindow my little sister is also special needs

  42. Paul MULCAHY

    Paul MULCAHY

    Prieš 22 val

    Yo you’re son looks nice

  43. Sran jk

    Sran jk

    Prieš 22 val

    I’m in tears 😭

  44. Prieš 22 val

    The nappy dash interestingly water because margin family multiply under a heady division. neat, orange numeric

  45. Miss E

    Miss E

    Prieš 23 val

    It is polite to use "Person-First" language. My Son (Primary) with Autism (Secondary).

    • Greninjaftw


      Prieš 9 val

      Nope! Most people in the autistic community prefer identity first language since person first inherently implies you can seperate autism from a person. That is simply not possible, unless you are telling me you are a alien with technology that allows us to rewire our brains. lol

  46. 67 Reverse

    67 Reverse

    Prieš 23 val

    This is better than science

  47. itz isabelle belle

    itz isabelle belle

    Prieš 23 val

    My older brother also has autism and now i understand autism more

  48. Rashmee Gooraya

    Rashmee Gooraya

    Prieš dieną

    i think that autistic is a different ability replaced by another ability

  49. Miley Caporn

    Miley Caporn

    Prieš dieną

    Dear Mark, I think you and your son are incredible. I believe that all people should be able to be treated as normal people. As a relative of an autistic person I know exactly what it is like and I understand that you are protective of your son. I hope you know that anyone who tells you or your son that you are less of a person are jealous of you. Keep shining bright!

  50. Genet Yemane

    Genet Yemane

    Prieš dieną

    Person: Yeets dog Kid: HILARIOUS

  51. Tam Shelvey

    Tam Shelvey

    Prieš dieną


  52. Seth Nelson

    Seth Nelson

    Prieš dieną

    This is so inspirational

  53. Cheri Family

    Cheri Family

    Prieš dieną

    What a beautiful family! You are all amazing! Thank you for sharing and for showing your strength in your vulnerability. you ROCK!

  54. Mao Dong

    Mao Dong

    Prieš dieną

    Autism is a spectrum?

  55. nate levinson

    nate levinson

    Prieš dieną

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  56. Madiline Plays GaMeS

    Madiline Plays GaMeS

    Prieš dieną

    your son is just amazing the way he is :) he is a star! stay safe!

  57. PR01 Ares

    PR01 Ares

    Prieš dieną

    My best friends little brother that ive known for 17 years now they always thought he just had autism but in recent years theyve discovered he has Sanfilippo syndrome and this video made me feel a lot of emotions

  58. Herobrine Austin

    Herobrine Austin

    Prieš dieną

    Everyone donate 100 if you have it 😃

  59. シᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴシ

    シᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴシ

    Prieš dieną

    So true, I love this. 🥰💖👌

  60. GerryTech


    Prieš dieną

    Your son looks like the kid from big mouth, extremely cute!

  61. big guy that likes onions Sibnation

    big guy that likes onions Sibnation

    Prieš dieną

    I have autism to I have aspurgers

  62. Andrew Ray

    Andrew Ray

    Prieš dieną

    You can do the date thing with math but he is very awesome because he can do it without hesitation wow show amazing ❤❤❤❤❤🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  63. Healy Seibt

    Healy Seibt

    Prieš dieną

    We are all human me don’t need to be rood to people with dissibeletes

  64. Kym Lilly

    Kym Lilly

    Prieš dieną

    What a wonderful, amazing video!! Thank you so much for sharing about your son with us. My older brother is on the spectrum and so people with autism are very special to me. They are such loving, kind human beings. I hope everyone takes the time to be friends with someone with autism💙

  65. Charel Trihart

    Charel Trihart

    Prieš dieną

    I have triplets on the spectrum and they are different from each other. I appreciate you sharing this with us. You and your son are an inspiration. Thank you very much. ❤️

  66. Edward Navarrete

    Edward Navarrete

    Prieš dieną

    and the best dad award goes to mark rober

  67. Ashriel Nailon

    Ashriel Nailon

    Prieš dieną

    could you do a vid explaining ADHD it would mean alot to me since i have ADHD and i have never known how i am supposed to say things or if they aren't offencive

  68. Bakir Hadzic

    Bakir Hadzic

    Prieš dieną

    father and son love and moment

  69. Mickey Croskery

    Mickey Croskery

    Prieš dieną

    I wish my dad did that with me because I have ADHD and more

  70. Tarantula


    Prieš dieną

    Mark I just wanted to say you are the kindest and the best LTwindowr ever

  71. Albino crab

    Albino crab

    Prieš dieną

    every smart person i have seen has an autistic son/daughter

  72. lil blanc

    lil blanc

    Prieš dieną

    This made me have chills and congrats on raising almost 4 million dollars

  73. Archie Holt

    Archie Holt

    Prieš dieną

    in the snowball gun vid you can see a clims of your sun

  74. Batik Apron Stories

    Batik Apron Stories

    Prieš dieną

    This is the first time im watching your video and Thank u for this video. I have an autistic daughter and sometimes i struggle to understand her..but shes so genuine and lovable.. autistic kids are just pure

  75. Bessie


    Prieš dieną

    Hi was such a beautiful raw video to watch 👏❤

  76. Alexandra Valera

    Alexandra Valera

    Prieš dieną

    Your son is unice and that’s cool so your son is cool

  77. Kristin Bertell

    Kristin Bertell

    Prieš dieną

    He is amazing. Never let anyone stop him.

  78. Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner

    Prieš dieną

    I want to like this a million times.

  79. Drew


    Prieš dieną

    Of COURSE you have an amazing kid! I've worked with autistic kids and they absolutely do teach me better ways of seeing the world. They have made me a better person. Honestly I'm even more jealous of you now knowing you have such a great kid!

  80. binoe gayporn

    binoe gayporn

    Prieš dieną

    This is why nerds should not procreate.

  81. Michael Capozzoli

    Michael Capozzoli

    Prieš dieną

    Dear Mark, I have an autistic Kid in my neighborhood and everyone bully's him except me

  82. Anthony Bosmans

    Anthony Bosmans

    Prieš dieną


  83. Destruction 1234

    Destruction 1234

    Prieš 2 dienas

    That green turtle I have

  84. lolRasta


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Nice one. But really how did he know the days of the week as that’s amazing

  85. Khabib McGregor

    Khabib McGregor

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Thank you for this video.

  86. Arden Yandow

    Arden Yandow

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Your son brings the light out of others that they didn't know existed in them.

  87. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    Prieš 2 dienas

    i have autism and at school i am bullied everyday because of it this video helped me alot thank you

  88. The Child

    The Child

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I have Autism but I don’t have problems with socialism. It’s called “A typical presentation of Autism”; However I do get stressed and upset about things. I don’t like crowds either.... Your son is really adorable 🥺🥺😊

    • The Child

      The Child

      Prieš 2 dienas

      @mikin lirou and also with meeting new people I try not to sound awkward

    • mikin lirou

      mikin lirou

      Prieš 2 dienas

      I have asbergers , its not like autisum , but i have very bad social skills.

  89. odin kent

    odin kent

    Prieš 2 dienas

    mark your a great guy

  90. Unicorn 10fluffy

    Unicorn 10fluffy

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Autism is a charm not a bad thing

  91. Edrian Ubiadas

    Edrian Ubiadas

    Prieš 2 dienas


  92. Keegan Wynkoop

    Keegan Wynkoop

    Prieš 2 dienas

    My brother is on the Autism spectrum and they are smarter than us sometimes

  93. Keegan Wynkoop

    Keegan Wynkoop

    Prieš 2 dienas

    My brother is on the Autism spectrum and they are sometimes smarter than us

  94. Doge OS

    Doge OS

    Prieš 2 dienas

    i am autisim

  95. raywang1009


    Prieš 2 dienas

    Thank you Mark for doing this for them, from a dad to the others

  96. Angel Castillo

    Angel Castillo

    Prieš 2 dienas

    When I watched this video, it made me think of people that bully those they don't understand and how if we just took the time to understand, the world can truly improve one day at a time until judgment wasn't a thing, at least that's how I would like to see the world.

  97. Travis T

    Travis T

    Prieš 2 dienas

    Not trying to be mean but that smile 0:07 uhhhhh murderis look

  98. Jefferson Flores

    Jefferson Flores

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I donated 5$

  99. Rebecca F

    Rebecca F

    Prieš 2 dienas

    I have happy tears this so precious 🥺🥺 he's such a cute kid and oh my goodness his laugh and smile are just perfect. I doubt you'd see this, bit I'd love to send him a letter (to a point box or some such to protect privacy od course). I am a home health peds nurse and so I work day and in and day out with special needs kiddos that vary so drastically on who they are, what their capable of, what brings them joy, how they express themselves and more. I've adapted and learned many tricks of my trade to try and help give all the kiddos I work with the best quality of life in what ever way that means to them. Hope you all are doing well ❤

  100. Fot not

    Fot not

    Prieš 2 dienas

    My best friend Jessie is autistic so I won't make fun and so is my brother